Dominik Zarowny ( b. 1991 ) is a Polish-born artist who explores the interconnected forces of place, power and personality. Zarowny draws on the principles of surrealism to create nightmarish yet energetic interpretations of the characters, dynamics and circumstances he encounters. As a painter, he works primarily with acrylics, oils, and pastels; his frequent use of salvaged materials imbues his art with unique textural qualities and deep connections to place.

His current work focuses on the present and catastrophic decline of the West, and the sense of alienation and dislocation experienced by young people as they witness the fracturing of their own culture, and try to make sense of their place in a fast-changing world.

Zarowny has participated in group and solo exhibitions and workshops as far afield as Marrakech (2017), Milan (2019), London (2017, 2018, 2019) and Sydney (2020). He takes a collaborative approach to his work as an artist, participating in partnerships, projects, and collectives including Djago, Fountayne Collective, and Bad Art.