“100% genuine American irons.”


Plastic Coffin

“America’s dirty fur makes it feel like it needs a bath, or just to choose the right star from the pavement. But instead, the cough is getting worse.”


Black and White America

“My America has a face – or many faces. I used black paint and white gesso on reclaimed cotton fabric.”



“When the collar is too tight and rules are not equal for everyone”



“A woman wearing a T-shirt with a picture of handcuffs – made in U.S.A.”


Wasn’t Me

“We kid ourselves – we all know what’s really going on. But the irony tastes great.”


White America 

“This clean white canvas was ‘Made in America’, but what was it built on? What’s the foundation? Can you see the black hesshian beneath, tightly stretched on the wood frame?
I hope you do.”


Alright kids, let’s talk about gun control! 

“The smiles on their faces are a sign of hopelessness.”


The Chair

“The most difficult painting to work on, and perhaps the most important piece in the series.
It seems natural to accept these things and keep forgetting they are not right. No, they are not.”


Made in U.S.A II

“Woman wearing a T-shirt with a picture of handcuffs – made in U.S.A.”


See Through America

“Portrait of woman on the background of an American Flag with three stars.”


The Flag

“I wanted to make a flag -  a symbol for the series ‘Made in America’.” 


Amusement Park

“Paying a visit to the amusement park, where the balloons are fake but the coffin isn’t. Nice T-shirt.”

“Made in America”

© Dominik Zarowny