Made in America is a reminiscence on the American dream, from the perspective of the first generation to grow up in post-Communist Poland, where American TV and cinema had a strong cultural influence in the ‘90s. 

Series represents artist’s change in perspective on American culture and using provocative imagery to shift the terms of the converation to reflect the confronting reality that many African - Americans experience and express.


“Plastic Coffin”
“Dirty fur on the skin of Made in America it feels like need a bath or choose a right star from the pavement, but instead the cough getting worst.”

“Made in U.S.A”

“Black and White America”
“[...] where my America has a face or many faces. I used black paint and white gesso on cotton fabric”

“Wasn’t Me”
“This painting represents the irony of our current reality – we kid ourselves, we all really know what’s going on. But it taste great.”

“White America”
“This clean white canvas was “made in America”, but what was it build on? What’s the foundation? Can you see the black hesshian beneth, tightly stretched on the wood frame?
I hope you do.

“Alright kids, we’re gonna talk about gun control”
“The smiles on their faces is asign of hopelessnes”

“Made in U.S.A”
“The most difficult to work on and perhaps the most importat painting in the series.
It seems natural to accept these things and keep forgetting there are not right. No, they not.”

“T-Shirt Made in U.S.A”
“Woman wearing a t-shirt witch a drawing od handcuffs made in U.S.A”

“See Thorough America”

“Portrait of woman on the background of American Flag with three stars”

“The Flag”
“I wanted to make a flag -  a symbol of the series “Made in America”. 

“Amusent Park”
“Paying a visit to the amusent park, where the balloons are fake but the coffin isn’t. Nice T-shirt.”

“Made in America”

© Dominik Zarowny